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Hello, my name is Marie and I was born psychic, but didn't do readings until I was in my early twenties, after I began going to local psychics for fun. Then I became very interested and was excited to learn that I had psychic abilities, too! Over the next five years I practiced by doing readings for myself and friends, then computers became popular and I did what most professional psychics do, I began doing professional readings online.

Hello, my name is Marie and I was born a psychic. I found my gift in my early twenties and began helping guide people through difficult times in their lives. Through my strength in accurately predicting love problems and relationship problems, my psychic readings have withstood the test of time. When the demand for such accurate psychic readings rose, I started providing a quicker way to contact me through online psychic readings and scheduling in spell casting of love spells on my website.

I have over 15 years experience doing Psychic Readings and I deliver online psychic readings that really help. I can see deep into your troubles, whatever they are, and help straighten them out. My online psychic readings address just about any problem and help relieve worry, frustration and fear.

Am I accurate? Well, I'm told by most of my clients that my psychic readings are right on the money and they come back to me, again and again. Most seem very happy with their psychic readings...please read my Client Comments. Plus, of course, I'm ridiculously cheap... only $5.00 per question for my question psychic readings, payable by Credit Card, PayPal or Money Order...and I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Do you need a Psychic Reading on specific questions? Just click on Psychic Readings.

I been offering love spells, spell casting and psychic readings for a very long time. I want to help people with their relationship problems. You don't need to wait on your boyfriend, girlfriend or lover to come home. We can bring back your lover using the spells and casting methods that are best kept a secret. Thank you for visiting. 


Psychics And History

When Lincoln's son William died at the age of 11, Mary Todd Lincoln hired psychics to hold stances in the White House trying to contact him and President Lincoln had several psychic experiences. One day he saw two faces in a mirror, one face clear and one shattered. Many psychics of that time interpreted this to mean that his first term would be successful but his second term would be disastrous. And of course they were right, he was assassinated in his second term. The people casted love spells with good fortune on the situation to enhance the results and outcome of their lives.

Lincoln also had a dream in which he heard weeping and saw several people around a coffin. When he asked a soldier who had died, the soldier replied that it was the President who had been shot by an assassin. Several local psychics also had this dream and it became a reality on April 14th, 1865 when John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Edgar Cayce, one of the greatest psychics the world has ever known, did over 14,000 documented psychic readings, the first occurring in 1901. These psychic readings are on file today at the Association for Research and Enlightenment Inc., a research body formed in 1931 that researches psychics, paranormal phenomena, holistic health care, mediums, spiritual healing, meditation, dreams, and life and death. Edgar Cayce also gave insight into the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and foresaw the collapse of communism nearly fifty years before it happened.

The Tarot

I was first drawn to the Tarot when I was in my late twenties. I discovered this ancient knowledge in the local library and began playing with the cards, studying the pictures and trying to do readings. As I progressed, I learned that the Tarot provides a way to make the subconscious conscious and reveal hidden knowledge. Like all tarot people, I studied intently until I could interpret and understand all the cards and at first I used this knowledge just for insight into my own personal life, then I began doing readings online.

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Please note: I do not address health or medical questions (including pregnancy), I do not contact the dead directly (only through my spirit guides), I do not predict lottery numbers and I do not find lost people or items. I provide specific psychic answers to specific questions about people or events. Please remember this when ordering readings.

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